Electro Medical Equipment

We can proudly say that this is the only sound calibration lab in Sri Lanka and in the whole of Asia which has a fully equipped setup of calibration equipment to calibrate audiometers and other audiology equipment with trained and certified staff. Furthermore, this division operates under the ISO 17025 standard and is ready to obtain the accreditation from Sri Lanka accreditation board.

Engineering – Wickramarachchi Acoustics Division provides engineering services related to medical equipment in the audiology and ENT field.

Installing medical equipment – This division has been running for many years now supporting both private and public hospitals by distributing and installing medical equipment.


Our main products are Audiometers, Tympanometers, ABR machines, OAE machines, ENT workstations and Microscopes which are the best quality and innovative products from Europe with cutting edge technology. All equipment are extremely user friendly and the products range from compact handhelds to sophisticated desk units across the fields of balance, audiometry, tympanometry and ABR/OAE.