Hear care

WISH – Wickramarchchi Institute of Speech & Hearing is our affiliate company which promotes our audiology brand “Wickramarachchi Hearing” and is a pioneer in offering innovative, high-tech hearing aids and hearing solutions in Sri Lanka.

WICKRAMARACHCHI INSTITUTE OF SPEECH AND HEARING (WISH) started its journey in 1976. Ever since it has been one of the most well known and leading audiological service provider in Sri Lanka. We have developed an extraordinary practice which has grown abundantly in the past years and one of the main features of our organization is its clear commitment to technological innovation in the audiology sector.

Over the period of 40 years, Mr. Mihira Wickramarachchi has accomplished more than what anyone could hope for, whether it is launching the latest products in hearing aids or the latest equipment’s in the industry. We have been up to date with technology and have been in power with the global market. We truly believe in our motto “hearing matters and technology matters”.

Being pioneers in the field of audiology today, we are proud to say we successfully introduced and have now supported over 500 cochlear implant surgeries.

WISH is also proud to initiate the first fully functioning Vestibular clinic in Sri Lanka which was started in 2015. We have completed 500 patients and have assisted several ENT’s & Neurologists in the country to help diagnose central and peripheral pathologies for patients with Vertigo. Hence, working together as a unit, the focus of our organization has been to build up a fully successful Vestibular clinic. We can proudly say that our institution has truly flourished in the field of audiology, not only in the diagnostic and rehabilitation aspects but in the calibration of all the equipment’s as well. We have the only calibration lab in the country which also caters to the needs of other Audiology private and government set ups.

Cochlear Implant

Hair cell damage in the ear is what causes difficulty in hearing or complete deafness. The Cochlear implant is a small, complex electronic device which helps to provide a sense of sound to any person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. The implant consists of an external portion which sits behind the ear and a second portion that is surgically placed under the skin. Mr Wickramarachchi states that despite Cochlear implants being expensive globally due to technological advances, the cost of the entire procedure in our country would cost less than it would in India. As such, his company has worked on rectifying the hearing impairment of several dignitaries too from all walks of life in this country.