The company has continuously been involved in research and development, through which, it has been instrumental in introducing new hearing and visionary technology in this country. We were the first to import microscopes and other advanced equipment from Germany, intended for technological use and were also the first company in Sri Lanka to introduce long-vision optics and the revolutionary German contact lenses.

Since its inception in 1976, the company has journeyed on, successfully overcoming numerous challenges. It is driven by the vision of helping people regain their hearing and vision to a great extent.

About the company

J.M. Wickramarachchi & Co. is a top-notch provider of electro medical equipments, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, lens solutions, medical equipment, audiology and hearing aids across Sri Lanka since 1976. Our company is a core contributor to continuously uplifting the professional standards of eye care and hearing care industry of Sri Lanka to the present level. Our brands are closely integrated into the hearts of the Sri Lankan people in checking vision and hearing capabilities supplying quality products exceeding the public expectations.

Medical equipment
in Sri Lanka

J.M.Wickramarachchi & Co. is the leading supplier of innovative and advanced medical equipment in Sri Lanka. We value the importance of using latest technology for visual and audio solutions and as a result we have taken initiative in using cutting edge medical equipment solutions exceeding expectations of our clients.

We are always dedicated to offer a reliable and a professional service empowering our clients through internationally accredited eye care and hearing care services. Continuously aiming for excellence, we take responsibility to provide a high quality service for affordable rates. Through generations, we have established a unique identity as the foremost medical equipment supplier in the country.



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Electro Medical Equipment

Operating under ISO 17025 standards our sound calibration lab is the only fully equipped lab in Sri Lanka and in the whole of Asia to calibrate audiometers and other audiology equipment with trained and certified staff. We support both private & public hospitals by distributing and installing medical equipment.

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Wickramarachchi Hearing Care

Our company has implemented so many social works devoted to supporting children and adults to improve their quality of life, especially in speech, hearing and sight. Wickramarachchi Institute of Speech & Hearing is our audiology wing which promotes “Wickramarachchi Hearing Care”. This brand is a pioneer name in offering innovative, high-tech hearing aids and hearing solutions in Sri Lanka.

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Wickramarachchi Opticians

Our optometry brand “Wickramarachchi Opticians” is a renowned name for providing world-class optometry products and services in Sri Lanka since 1976. Wickramarachchi Opticians offers the very latest frames and sunglasses from the top designers including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Versace, Ray Ban, DKNY, Burberry with a fantastic range of core frames ensuring that we have a solution to suit all budgets.

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Hybrid Aviation

To promote medical tourism in the country, an aviation wing named “Hybrid aviation” was initiated by J.M. Wickramarachchi & Co. Our initial fleet will be two new ATR 42-500 aircrafts and two Cessna Grand Caravan 208 B amphibian crafts which would be acquired on an operational lease basis. Hybrid’s flight crew, cabin crew and maintenance crew are all qualified and well trained in the working environment.

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Wish Foundation

The foundation aims to support all individuals with hearing impairment. Wish Foundation is a government-approved organization established in 2006. Services provided include free hearing testing, hearing aids, support for maintenance of cochlear implants and speech / auditory-verbal therapy.

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