BAHA bone conduction

BAHA stands for Bone Amplification Hearing Device.

These devices contact the bone of the skull and transfer sound to the inner ear.

They are great hearing solutions for people with mixed or conductive hearing loss. The sound is clear and rich so you can engage in conversations and the activities you love.

They can simply sit on the head, or they can be surgically implanted.
Non-Surgical BAHA
Non-surgical BAHA is the perfect entry product.

We have 2 different strap options that hold the BAHA on the head – Softband or SoundArc™.

They come in several sizes and colours to match hair, mood, or clothing. It’s a great solution for children or anyone not ready for a surgical option.

It particularly good for children to get started so they get access to hearing for their learning development as quickly as possible.
BAHA Implant
An implanted BAHA is the most reliable and consistent option.

A titanium plate with innovative technology is inserted into the bone.

This provides stronger integration with the bone and delivers the best hearing experience.

You will hear clear, rich, and natural sound in all different environments effortlessly.

BAHA Success stories

Isabella's favourite sound is whispers
BAHA is a wonderful technology
Tim tested BAHA - and never looked back

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