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The wireless, LED forehead lamp by Faromed is a perfectly designed lamp with a very high light output (170K Lux 30 cm, 77K Lux 40 cm).

This very strong lamp, with a wide focus range, is very easy to carry and allows you a lot of freedom of movement. The light beam is operated with a comfortable Touch Dimmer. The lightweight and extremely comfortable design is very ergonomic.
In addition, the two Li-Ion batteries have a long operating time (7 hours), with additional batteries even unlimited use is possible.


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The rigid endoscopes from Entermed are of high German quality and have excellent optical properties, making it possible for the specialist to observe the smallest details in the entire field of vision. The wide angle view and reinforced
tube make Entermed’s HD endoscopes a good choice.

The lenses of the endoscopes have an anti-reflective coating. Entermed endoscopes are ideal for daily use and for autoclave sterilization. The optical guides in the endoscopes are of high quality, enabling a clear and sharp image with
an optimal color temperature. In the field of rigid optics, Entermed can assist you with sinus optics, ear optics and tele-laryngoscopes in various sizes and angles.

Flexible Naso-Pharyngo Laryngoscope

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The flexible Naso-Pharyngo Laryngoscope from Spiggle und Theis is an easily operated scope that is ideal for diagnostic research due to its low weight of 230 grams and ergonomic design. By using high-end fiber-optical image beams, the
scope provides clear and sharp images of the best quality. High-quality materials are used. This flexible scope is robust and durable despite the increasing load from modern cleaning and disinfection. The flexible end can bend up to
an angle of 130 °.

Smoke Evacuator VACULAS 4000

VACULAS 4000 includes all aspects of an effective, high-performance smoke evacuator for surgical purposes.

This medical device is optimised for clearing the air in operating rooms of fume and gas constituents created by vaporization of human or animal tissue by Laser or HF (high frequency) / RF (radio frequency) generators. Additionally, the
optional FLUID upgrade kit allows the removal of smaller amounts of liquids.

This smoke evacuator has an extraordinary retention rate of 99.99999995 % @ 0,01 µm which is achieved by the combination of a primary filter and the ULPA high-efficiency main particle filter. Even with the powerful suction rate of up to
950 liters / minute, the smallest (bioactive) virus particles, aerosols, organic gases, and unpleasant smells are effectively removed.

Key advantages
  • Powerful suction at lowest possible noise level
  • Removes even smallest particles and smells, improves sight during surgery
  • Modern touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Comfortable wireless control of smoke removal by the laser device
  • Highly manoeuvrable with easy run castor wheels
  • Adjustable timer to remove lingering smoke particles even after activation
  • With FLUID Upgrade Kit: Ideal for surgeries involving fluids (e.g. in gynecology)
Available configurations
  • VACULAS 4000
  • High-capacity smoke evacuator
  • VACULAS 4000 with FLUID upgrade kit
  • High-capacity smoke evacuator with the ability remove up to 1 liter of liquid from the treatment area
Operating parameters950 Liters/minute, electronically adjustable Without filter 2.340 Liters/minute
< 52 dB following ISO 7779
High suction with filter status surveillance
High mobility by easy going wheels
Time delay can be set to remove smoke even after the laser beam has stopped
Activation profilesAt the push of a button
At footswitch signal
At laser emission (by cable or wireless)
User interactionEasy-to-use color touch panel
Memory for user programsStorage for 3 user profiles / individual operating parameters
Electrical requirements230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1,3 kVA
Dimensions & weight *34 x 80 x 43 (W x H x D), 28 kg

* depending on device model & configuration Technical changes reserved.

Micromanipulators for Microscopes and Colposcopes

High-precision micromanipulators are an essential accessory for fine-surgical laser treatment of tissue. Our accessories integrate optimally into your laser work station and provide a precise link between the laser device and your microscope
or colposcope.

Main Features
  • Mounts easily to existing microscopes or colposcopes of all major brands
  • Comfortable movement of the laser beam by a joystick
  • Quick defocussing of the laser beam for increased coagulation by a special defocussing lever (model MicroSpot)
  • Adjustable hand holder that can be positioned according to the surgeon’s preferences
  • Ultra-small spot sizes guarantee an optimal cutting behavior
  • Can be combined with Scanner System SurgiScan for enabling high-precision tissue ablation
Technical Specifications
  • Extended focal width range 200 – 600 mm
  • Adjustable hand holder
  • Enabled for combined use with Scanner SurgiScan
  • Maximum energy transmission rates by special lense / mirror technology
  • Design optimized for high-precision treatments and comfortable mounting on the existing microscope / colposcope

Scanner SurgiScan X2

Scanner system SurgiScan is an essential accessory for the precise superficial, athermic treatment of tissue with CO2 Laser UNILAS Touch and other devices. It comes with an extensive range of scanning patterns, enabling the distribution
of fine-tuned amounts of energy over accurately defined areas.

Main Features
  • Extensive variety of patterns
  • All patterns are precisely rotatable and freely adjustable in their spot size
  • Greatly improves and extends the range of treatments for the laser surgeon
  • Can be connected easily to a handpiece or micromanipulator, mounted on a microscope or colposcope
  • All settings are controlled comfortably by the laser’s display
  • Unique randomized mode for an improved fractional therapy
Available Configurations
  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 One
  • High-precision scanner for ablation of tissue
  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 Forma
  • High-precision scanner for fractional therapy of tissue
  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 Seta
  • High-precision scanner for both ablation and fractional therapy of tissue

Eye Protection

The use of laser light always requires an appropriate eye protection.

Main Features
  • Adapt all eye protection to the specific laser product and guarantee high optical densities for your safety
  • All laser protection goggles are clearly labeled with the laser model and wavelength
  • Optimal protection and sight with our protection goggles during treatment
  • Protection goggles are based on thorough research and innovation and assure highest levels of comfort at minimal weight
  • Laser protection goggles are available in 2 versions: regular and spectacle-wearers edition
  • CE, EN207 and ANSI Z136.1 certified
Available Configurations
  • Laser Protection Goggles
  • Available for all major wavelengths and laser systems.
  • Laser Protection Goggles (Basket Version)
  • Available for all major wavelengths and laser systems.
  • Eyeball Protectors
  • Reusable, for patient eye protection.
  • Eye Stickers
  • Single-use, for patient eye protection.

Fibers & Handpieces

The fiber-based laser systems of Limmer Laser have an outstanding variety of flexible fiber applicators that are specifically designed for the requirements in each medical discipline.

Range of Fibers & Applicators
  • Ultra-flexible Bare Fibers
  • Sidefire Fibers
  • Harpoon Fibers
  • EndoRadial Fibers
  • Focussing Handpieces

First-Aid Products

Spinal Board


This spine board with safe belts is made of PE material with no discharge contaminator, and firmness to wear. This plastic spine board provided by our company also can be used as a floatable device. The structure is allowed X-rays because
of its completely translucent. It is compatible with most head immobilization devices and strap mechanisms. It is mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance and outdoors to carry patients and wounded person.

Spider Harness to use with Spinal Board

Head Immobilize

  • Made of high-density plastic materials, large ear holes for monitoring the patient’s ear canal
  • ·It can be used with scoop stretcher and spine board at the same time
  • ·Minimal interference with X-ray, MRI, or CT scanning procedures
  • ·Water-resistant plastic coating makes it easy to clean and prevents bacterial growth on it
Made in China by ARI Medical Technology

Scoop Stretcher


It is a separately-type stretcher to transfer fractured and serious patients. At both ends of the stretcher, a hinged and joined arrangement is set in the middle, which can set the stretcher into two parts and it is easy to lock and unlock.
The stretcher can strengthen the patients at original place; it can reduce the further hurt of the patients, the patients can be quickly & easily put in the stretcher and also the stretcher can be taken out from the back of the patient
without moving the patient. The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to patients’ body. The foot end is designed as a narrow-frame structure. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials. It characterized by its
being light-weighted, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean. It’s mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance carrying patients and wounded person.

Cervical Collar

  • Soft foam is slightly contoured for a comfortable fit.
  • Covered with 100% cotton stockinet and a Velcro closure.
  • Loop contact closures for easier use
  • Available in low and medium and high density of foam
  • Adjustable size designed for using on a wide range of patients.
  • The foam cervical collar is used for cervical injuries requiring non-rigid support and limited mobility.
  • May also be used as an aid for the relief of pain associated with neck muscle spasms or whiplash injuries.
Made in China by ARI Medical Technology