ECONT 0401.2

Electronic CO2 insufflator with 30 l/min flow rate and smart insufflation algorithm. Gas pre-heating is available as an option. ECONT 0401.2 insufflator is the next step in performance for surgeon and in safety for patient. This microprocessor-controlled unit with high flow rate (up to 30 l/min), gas heating subsystem and automatic gas exsufflation can be used with devices like argon beamers, gas lasers etc. simultaneously. It is equipped with all needed safety systems to ensure maximum comfort for surgeon and minimum hazard for patient during operation


  • insufflator 30L/min gas flow.
  • very smooth and “intelligent” insufflation algorithm allowing to avoid sharp abdominal pressure changes
  • audible and visual alarm signaling system in case of a failure (hose rupture/pinching, intra-abdominal overpressure, etc.)
  • display of all current and preset insufflation parameters: set/current pressure, gas flow speed, volume of gas supplied
  • device can be used with gas bottles or central gas supply systems – input pressure range 4…100 bars
  • insufflator is available with a high efficient gas heating subsystem (option)


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