Scanner SurgiScan X2

Scanner system SurgiScan is an essential accessory for the precise superficial, athermic treatment of tissue with CO2 Laser UNILAS Touch and other devices. It comes with an extensive range of scanning patterns, enabling the distribution
of fine-tuned amounts of energy over accurately defined areas.



  • Extensive variety of patterns
  • All patterns are precisely rotatable and freely adjustable in their spot size
  • Greatly improves and extends the range of treatments for the laser surgeon
  • Can be connected easily to a handpiece or micromanipulator, mounted on a microscope or colposcope
  • All settings are controlled comfortably by the laser’s display
  • Unique randomized mode for an improved fractional therapy
  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 One
  • High-precision scanner for ablation of tissue
  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 Forma
  • High-precision scanner for fractional therapy of tissue
  • Scanner SurgiScan X2 Seta
  • High-precision scanner for both ablation and fractional therapy of tissue



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