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Ensuring Eye Wellness in Sri Lanka’s Workforce

In post-pandemic Sri Lanka, remote work has surged, amplifying digital eye strain for office and industrial workers. While not causing permanent damage, symptoms such as eye pain, headaches, and dryness must be addressed.

Office professionals face prolonged screen exposure, while industrial workers confront chemical and mechanical hazards, heightening eye health risks. Prioritizing preventative measures like ergonomic setups and protective eyewear is vital to mitigate these concerns and ensure long-term eye wellness in Sri Lankan workplaces.

Workplace Eye Wellness Tips for Sri Lankan Professionals:

  1. Taking Breaks: Encourage professionals to take regular breaks, incorporating stretches and short walks to alleviate eye strain.
  2. Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Remind workers to look away from screens every 20 minutes, focusing on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  3. Eye Ergonomics: Advise maintaining a proper distance from screens (18 to 25 inches), adjusting brightness, and positioning screens to reduce strain.
  4. Use of Eye Drops and Humidifiers: Recommend artificial tears for dry eyes and investing in humidifiers for moisture in low humidity environments.
  5. Consider Computer Glasses: Encourage consultation with optometrists for computer lenses tailored to screen viewing distances.
  6. Protective Eyewear: Stress the importance of wearing appropriate eyewear in high-risk work environments to prevent workplace accidents.


By prioritizing eye wellness practices, Sri Lankan professionals can mitigate the risks associated with extended screen time and ensure long-term eye health and productivity. Ensure eye wellness in Sri Lanka’s workforce with practical tips for remote and industrial workers.

Learn how to prevent digital eye strain and protect vision in the workplace by adopting measures such as ergonomic setups, regular breaks, and proper protective eyewear. These proactive steps are essential to safeguarding eye health amidst the increasing prevalence of digital eye strain and workplace hazards, fostering a culture of overall well-being and productivity.

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