AC 40 Clinical Audiometer



Model AC 40
Manufacturer Interacoustics
Country of Origin Denmark
Included Parts
  • Main Unit (AC 40)
  • Gooseneck 1059 Microphone
  • DD45 Audiometric Headset
  • B81 Bone Conductor Headset
  • APS3 Patient Response Switch
  • Power Cable
  • Monitor Headset with Boom
  • HDA300 Phone headset for HF
  • User Manual
  • Diagnostic Suite Software
Optional Part
  • TDH39AA with Amplivox Headset
  • DD450 Audiometric Headset
  • DD45 with Peltor Headset
  • B71 Bone Conductor
  • Ear tone 5A 10 ohms & 3A 10 ohms
  • IP 30 Insert Phone 10 ohms
  • Talk Back Microphone
  • CIR 33 Insert Earphone Kit for Masking or Monitoring
  • Amplivox Audiocups, Noise Reducing Headset
  • Sound Field Speakers SP90 (with External Power amp)
  • AP12 Power Amplifier 2×12 watt
  • AP70 Power Amplifier 2×70 watt
  • Cable USB 2m
  • OtoAccess™ database


Available Tests Basic License Extended License
Basic Audiometry X X
Bekesy X X
Langenbeck X X
Stenger X X
Modified Hughson Westlake X X
Speech Testing with Mic/CD X X
Weber X X
Build in Wave Files X X
Binaural Speech X X
Hearing Loss Stimulator (HLS) X X
Tone Decay X X
Pediatric Noise X
Multi Frequency X
Free Field Power (4×20W) X X
QuickSIN Optional Optional
TEN Test Optional X
High Frequency (HF) X X
Free field Lineout X X
Hybrid Mode – PC Control Mode Optional Optional
Sync Mode – Audiogram Transfer Optional Optional


Power Supply 240V / 0.4A 50 Hz
Weight 7.9kg / 17.4lb
Dimensions (L×W×H) 522×366×98 cm / 20.6×14.4×3.9 inch
Display 8.4 inch high resolution color display 800×600 pixel
Compatible Software Diagnostic Suit – Noah OtoAccess XML Compatible
Warm Up Time Approximately 1 minute
Patient Response Switch Two push Button
Operation Environment Temperature: 15 – 35 °∁
Relative Humidity: 30 – 90 %
Ambient Pressure: 98 – 108 kPa
Monitor Real stereo output through build in speaker or through external earphone or assist monitor
Stimuli Tone 125-20000Hz separated in two ranges 125-8000Hz and 8000-20000Hz.
Warble Tone 1-10 Hz sine +/- 5% modulation
Pediatric Noise A special narrowband noise stimulus. The bandwidth is frequency depended 125-250 Hz 29%, 500Hz 24%, 750 Hz 20%, 1kHz 17%, 1.5kHz 13%, 2kHz 11%, 3kHz 9% from 4kHz and up is fix 8%,
Wave file 44100Hz sampling, 16 bits, 2 channels
Masking Automatic selection of narrow band noise (or white noise) for tone presentation and speech noise for speech presentation. IEC 60645-1 2012, 5/12 Octave filter with the same center frequency resolution as pure Tone. White noise: 80-20000Hz measured with constant bandwidth Speech Noise. IEC 60645-2:1993 125-6000Hz falling 12dB/octave above 1KHz +/-5dB
Presentation Manual or Reverse. Single or multiple pulses.
Frequency Range 125Hz to 8kHz (Optional High Frequency: 8 kHz to 20 kHz) 125Hz, 250Hz, 750Hz, 1500Hz and 8kHz may freely be deselected
External Signal Speech replaying equipment connected to the CD inputs must have a signal-to-noise ratio of 45 dB or higher. The speech material used must include a calibration signal suitable for adjusting the input to 0 dBVU.
Free Field output (non-powered) Power Amplifier and Loud Speaker (With an input of 7 Vrms – Amplifier and loudspeakers must be able to create a Sound Pressure Level of 100 dB in a distance of 1 meter)
Intensity Available Intensity Steps is 1, 2 or 5dB Extended range function: If not activated, the Air Conduction output will be limited to 20 dB below maximum output
Speech Frequency Response
Frequency (Hz) Linear [dB]. FFequv [dB]
Ext. sign Int. sign Ext. sign Int. sign
TDH 39 125-250 +0/-2 +0/-2 +0/-8 +0/-8
250-4000 +2/-2 +2/-1 +2/-2 +2/-2
4000-6300 +1/-0 +1/-0 +1/-0 +1/-0
DD45 125-250 +0/-2 +1/-0 +0/-8 +0/-7
250-4000 +1/-1 +1/-1 +2/-2 +2/-3
4000-6300 +0/-2 +0/-2 +1/-1 +1/-1
E.A.R Tone 3A 250-4000 +2/-3 +4/-1 Non-linear
IP30 250-4000 +2/-3 +4/-1 Non-linear
250-4000 +12/-12 +12/-12 Non-linear
Internal Storage 1000 clients and 50.000 sessions/measurements/audiograms (may depend on session type/size)
External Devices (USB) Standard PC mouse and Keyboard (for data entry) Supported printers (Please contact distributor for a list of approved printers)
Patient Communication Talk forward and talk back
HDMI output Provides a copy of the built-in screen in HDMI format 800×600 resolution
Data Connections (sockets) 4 x USB A 1 x USB B for PC connection (compatible with USB 1.1 and later) 1 x LAN Ethernet (not used)
Input Specifications TB 212 uVrms at max. gain for 0dB reading Input impedance : 3.2KOhm
Mic.2 212 uVrms at max. gain for 0dB reading Input impedance : 3.2KOhm
CD1/2 16mVrms at max. gain for 0dB reading Input impedance : 47KOhm
TF (side panel) 212uVrms at max. gain for 0dB reading Input impedance : 3.2KOhm
TF (front panel) 212uVrms at max. gain for 0dB reading Input impedance : 3.2KOhm
Wave files Plays wave file from internal SD card
Output Specifications FF 1/2/3/4 Line output 7Vrms at 2KOhms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
FF 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 – powered 4x20W (only 2x20W can be used by software at the moment)
Left & Right 7Vrms at 10 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
Ins. Left & Right 7Vrms at 10 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
HF Left & Right 7Vrms at 10 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
HLS 7Vrms at 10 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
Bone 1+2 7Vrms at 10 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
Ins. Mask 7Vrms at 10 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
Monitor headset (side panel) 2x 3Vrms at 32 Ohms / 1.5Vrms at 8 Ohms load 60-20000Hz -3dB
Assist Mon. Max.3.5Vrms. by 8 Ω load 70Hz-20kHz ±3dB


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