B7 LED Operating Headlight

  • LED bulb: 5w ;
  • Colour temperature: 6000k, pure white;
  • Bulb life time: 20,000 hours;
  • The light spot facular size adjustable; rang from 6mm to 65mm at working distance 25cm.
  • The brightness 95000lux, and adjustable;
  • Lithium battery capacity: 2600mAh ×4 pcs;
  • Continuous working time: 10 hours (Two battery packs each one is 5 hours replaceable);
  • Weight of the light head: 20g
  • AC adaptor charger: Input 90-240V/ DC: 3.7V;
  • The headband is comfortable for wearing, more dapper, it is easy to adjust size.


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