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3 common myths about hearing loss

There are so many fake facts floating around about hearing loss that is not necessarily true.  

In this blog post, we break down some common myths to bring you some clarity.  

Myth 1: Hearing loss is a normal part of aging. 

Some delay treatment for hearing loss because they see it as a minor issue, or as something that is normal as they age. 

In reality, there is no normal age-related hearing loss. 

Hearing loss can occur at any age and at any time.

People can lose their hearing due to many reasons. Some of them can be,

  • A complicated virus
  • A nerve damage
  • A disease
  • An injury caused by high noise

The sooner a hearing test is conducted, the easier it is to treat hearing loss. 

A hearing test will evaluate the degree of your hearing loss so that an Audiologist can provide you with a solution that best suits your needs.  

At Wickramarachchi hearing care, we provide professional hearing tests with advanced expertise, conducted by certified audiologists.  

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Myth 2: Hearing loss is always sudden, so I will know when it is happening 

Hearing loss can occur gradually so it might be difficult to identify at first.  

One may understand it only when one finds it challenging to communicate with or understand others.  

Many individuals with hearing loss do not realize that their hearing can be better than it is. 

Doctors recommend a hearing test every year for those over 45 years of age.  

Myth 3: A hearing device is all that is needed to solve my hearing problems. 

Hearing aids are just one aspect of managing hearing loss.  

A hearing aid is a complex device, so working with an expert who can select the correct device for you is important. 

Receiving medical advice and regular checkups will help you to keep up with better hearing. 

Learning communication skills (through speech and verbal therapy) while using hearing aids can also enhance your hearing journey! 

Some people can find it difficult to benefit from a normal hearing aid. In such cases, doctors recommend cochlear implants. 

At Wickramarachchi hearing care, we provide optimum support for your hearing experience by understanding your lifestyle and needs. 

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