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5 important things to remember before an eye test

An eye test is a different experience unlike other medical exams.

An yearly eye exam is recommended for everyone irrespective of age or health, to ensure that you have good eye health and vision.

Here are 5 things to remember before your next eye test, that will help you to get accurate results and the most out of your examination

1. Get enough sleep/rest before your eye test

It is important to have a good eye rest before you visit your eye doctor. 

Examining tired or sleepy eyes may give out inaccurate results. 

So, keep in mind to have a good rest before going to your scheduled eye exam

2. Tell your optometrist the reason you want to get your eyes tested

Do you have issues with seeing things that are far, or reading things that are close by? 

Do you get constant headaches when looking at your computer or mobile screen? 

It is important to explain to your optometrist the reason why you want to get your eyes tested. 

it is also important to describe your daily lifestyle such as your work environment and your daily habits as different visual demands would mean different solutions.

3. Tell your Optometrist about the history of your eye diseases

It is important to tell your optometrist about the history of your eyes.  

Your optometrist is knowledgeable when it comes to eye diseases that are common among individuals in your age group. 

So, informing your optometrist about any past eye conditions that you have come across, will be helpful in getting an efficient result through your eye exam. 

Your optometrist will also provide you with helpful tips and solutions to take care of your vision. 

4. General health is also important in an eye test

Optometrist performing visual field test

You might think that your eyes are the only part that should be tested in an eye exam. 

This assumption is not true. 

Your overall health can also relate to your vision because diseases such as Diabetes, High blood pressure and liver disease can affect your vision later in life. 

Common factors such as hormonal imbalance can also affect your eyes. 

So, it is essential to be aware of any other pain in your body that might affect your eye health. 

5. Choose a professional and certified optometrist

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