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Hearing and Language milestones for children

Hearing helps your child learn to communicate.  

A child with hearing loss can miss out on a lot of aspects in their development.

This can cause them issues such as, 

  • Delay in learning language and speaking 
  • Delay in school performance 
  • Lack of social skills 
  • Self-doubt and lack of confidence  
  • Having trouble making friends 

What can you do about this?

Monitoring your child’s hearing and language development since birth is critical to your child’s hearing and overall health. 

Your child will show different milestones in hearing as they age 

The following image has a general guide of language and hearing milestones for children

It is important to test your child’s ear if you think they have trouble hearing.

Testing and getting the necessary health solutions early is key. 

After testing your child’s hearing, your audiologist will determine if your child’s hearing is normal. 

If the results show any defect, your child will be directed to hearing solutions such as medical treatment, hearing aids or language therapy.  

Where to get extra support for hearing care?

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