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How a hearing aid works

If you have hearing loss, a hearing aid can drastically improve the quality of your day-to-day life. 

A hearing aid can help with: 

  • Hearing a conversation first time without asking to repeat. 
  • Hearing someone speak clearly in loud environments like a restaurant. 
  • Listen to phone calls and TV effortlessly via a direct wireless connection. 

So how does a hearing aid actually work? 

  • Hearing aids improve your hearing by amplifying certain sounds. This requires a few different parts. 
  • The microphone receives sound from your environment. Good hearing aids feature two microphones, an omnidirectional and a directional one. 
  • The amplifier enhances the sound. 
  • The receiver is a speaker passing the amplified sound into your ear. 
  • The processor contains custom programs and data to optimize the sound for your hearing. The latest hearing aids have two processors. 
  • A battery powers the hearing aid. You can choose between replaceable or rechargeable batteries. 

Getting used to hearing aids at first can be tricky. 

But it is always easy with the right hearing care expert by your side. 

Visit your nearest Wickramarachchi hearing care for a professional consultation on all your hearing needs. 

You can easily talk with our qualified audiologists about your challenges in hearing. 

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