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The World’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver

Do others find it difficult to understand your voice?

In noisy and challenging environments, individuals with hearing loss find it difficult to understand others. 

Excessive background noise can also fade out your own voice you will miss important conversations.

There are many negative effects of unclear hearing,   

  • Social withdrawal due to difficulties communicating with others 
  • Emotional problems caused by a lack of confidence and self-esteem 
  • Missing out on important conversations  

So how is the Active vent receiver a smart solution for this?

The Active Vent receiver provides you with crystal-clear hearing while improving the naturalness of your own voice 

What is the Active Vent receiver?

It is an advanced Hearing aid speaker, designed for noisy and challenging environments. 

You can connect it to your Phonak Audio paradise rechargeable hearing aids and use it on the go. 

The Active Vent receiver 

  • Blocks out unnecessary noise 
  • Optimizes your hearing performance 
  • Creates a naturalness for your own voice 

It is controlled by Autosense OS™ 4.0 – automatically adjusting your hearing aids to suit the environment. 

Want to upgrade your hearing experience?

Visit Wickramarachchi Hearing care to experience the most advanced hearing devices and accessories to enhance your hearing journey! 

You can easily discuss with our qualified audiologists about your challenges in hearing.  

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